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Pain doesn’t have to be a part of your daily life. 

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I’m Chandel

Your Personal Trainer & Pilates Professional, here to challenge, strengthen, and refresh your body.

My goal is to get you past pain, and into the best shape you’ve been in years! Your body will thank you for taking the first steps to wellness.

Is pain preventing you from playing your favorite sports? Unsure of how to find relief and get stronger? Chandel will customize workouts tailored to your specific pain points. In time, and with consistency, you will find yourself stronger, more flexible, and happier with your body than you’ve been in years.

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5 Quick Stretches to Relieve SI Joint Pain

Have you ever had a client complain that their butt hurts? That they’re getting a pain deep in the “thutt“ (the area where their butt meets the back of the thigh)? Okay, so maybe I’ve never in my life had a client use that word, but they definitely point to the area and tell me that it hurts.

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Why is this pain happening in the first place? During prolonged sitting, your pelvis tucks under, and your back rounds. This leaves you in a slumped position. And our bodies really don’t like to be stagnant. (P.S. Check out my post about 

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